Comprehensive list of features

  • Your visitors may make purchases 24/7 — any day, any time.
  • No HTML knowledge is required to update or add/remove product descriptions and catalogue listings.
  • Based on the most widespread platform — PHP programming language and MySQL database server.
  • Security is a priority. Sensitive data like customer information can be accessed only by your staff.
  • Simple installation. The installation wizard will lead you through the setup.
  • Multifeatured template system supporting custom pictures and stylesheets.
  • Templates can be changed in just one click in the control panel.
  • Both separate items in the catalogue and whole categories can be shown or hidden from the catalogue in a matter of seconds.
  • Items in the catalogue can be sorted in any order via the control panel
  • You can adjust almost all the details of how your goods are presented to the purchaser – descriptions are editable, various options can be changed on-the-fly.
  • Customers can put several products in the shopping cart at once by just selecting their quantity and pressing “Add”.
  • Your catalogue items may have several images in various sizes. Full-size images can be shown in popup windows.
  • For SEO purposes, for every product you can edit keywords and descriptions used in meta tags. This is also done via the control panel.
  • Search engine bots are recognized automatically.
  • Zen Cart software can be easily and painlessly upgraded to a newer version.
  • If any newer versions exist, admins see a message when they login to their control panel.
  • Since version 2.0, you can edit pages that do not use database requests via a built-in visual editor.
  • Banner engine. You can display banners advertising related businesses and monitor click stats. When users click on a banner, the link opens in a new window, so they don’t leave your pages.
  • Special tool to estimate delivery price allows your clients to check the cost of shipping before confirming their order.
  • Easy-to-use gift and discount certificate interface – both for purchasers and admins.
  • Discounts can be granted for certain groups of customers when they confirm their order.
  • Purchasers may leave their opinion on catalogue items. Administrators may choose to publish such opinions only after their approval.
  • Support for different languages and currencies.
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