Hosting requirements

Hosting for Zen Cart shops

If you’re looking for a web hosting company to host your ecommerce site, choose companies that offer PHp and MySQL support. Below you will find hosting providers that conform to our standards of high quality and that will help you to install and configure your shop.

By choosing these hosting providers you will get high-quality hosting for your e-shop.
Avahost is a reliable hosting company with long-standing reputation. Their hosts provide a considerable set of features while the price is kept at a level comparable to other companies. This set of features makes Avahost suitable for any kind of project. Their high-quality web servers and positive reviews leave a very good impression of this company.

Site Builder and Site Studio allow you to create a website in just five minutes, and are provided for free. Avahost also promises the following:

99% up-time. Your online store is guaranteed to be up and running at least 99% of the time in a month. Otherwise you are entitled to a full refund for this month.

1-month moneyback. Though Avahost aims to provide hosting services of highest possible quality, you may still choose to close your account and your funds will be transferred back to you.


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