Installation of the script hosting offers autoinstaller Fantastico, which makes installation of the script intuitive and easy. In order to install the script using Fantastico, you should only put in the catalogue, where you want to install the script as well as administrative login and password and press the button “Install”.

The installation will be done automatically. You will be required only to set up the script after installation.

If you want to install the script manually or your web hosting does not offer this autoinstaller, we provide you with detailed installation manual.

Detailed instruction on how to install the script you will find in the archive below. The process of installation can be described in following easy steps.

1. Download script, upload the files of the script on your hosting.
2. Create database using cPanel of your hosting.
3. Go to the installation page and follow the instructions.

After successfull installation edit template, add categories and goods. Look through the settings and choose the required ones. That’s it! Your e-shop is ready to work.

The e-shop script can be installed on any hosting, our specialists recommend

We have prepared detailed instruction on how to install the script using CPanel on

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